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a persistence of forgotten memory

i am clothed

in nightmares



cruel, mocking

resilience inching

in the undertows

of a fervent


their smiles fall

into chipped sneers

as violet eyes

flash with

covetous envy

but the crimson lips

on my thighs do

nothing but gape

without teeth.

bleeding petals

slip away to

reveal the ugly

creature underneath,

melancholy human

weeping for their

own insolence

grieving what they

do not have, and

asking for ire faith

in blind places,

and yet again

i find myself dear

in the company

of the strangers

in my head,

and the demons

in my bed, clawing

with terror, writhing

with pleasure, altogether

tearing me apart.

i am clothed in

my own


and yet my soul:

fully bared and

torn open

apart for everyone,

exposed and

insulted and reviled…

it still feels rather

n a k e d .

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Target on my back, lone survivor lasts
They got me in their sights
No surrender no, trigger fingers go
Living the dangerous life…


My dearest nemesis, with your mad scientists and crazy schemes

In this endless battle laid out for two, you are highly passionate, it seems

In a high-stakes race against the other, you think I will easily stumble

But your pride is also your weakness, for I’m practiced and I’ll never crumble


Try to tear and rip me down just like an old peeling paper poster

Throw my momentum off in this crazy rickety ride on a rollercoaster

Dare to shoot me down with your sharp lethal arrows ever flaming

But fighting fire with fire ain’t always right, because I’ll keep on burning


Because I’m invincible, uncontrollable, I’m a raging, roaring, wild monster

So don’t try to stop me now with your darts and measly tranquillisers

Bring me down into derision, but I’ll rise from the grey ashes stronger

Beat me up into submission, and I’ll stick the torture out even longer


I’m that blinking stubborn red light smiling in the midst of the choking dark

When you stomp madly on the dying hearth, I’m that small resilient spark

Toss me with hurricanes, shake me with your earthquakes, up to scale seven

Throw me into hell’s perdition and pull me away from my cloud nine heaven


You think you have guts of glory, perseverance made of pure steel

You think you won’t give up, but guess what? I know I never will

You wish to see my heart flatline? For my soul’s ardent life to flicker and die?

You want to see my immortal hope to fade away? Then I’d like to see you try.


Shot like a rocket up into the sky
Nothing could stop me tonight…

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