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Postcards From Crystal River

you are the open window in an elsewhere, rustic, countryside summer

where drowsy bumblebees rest contentedly by the pollen-speckled glass

and little emerald drops of shy foliage sometimes dare to cautiously peek in

before the shooing breeze languidly billows them all out to heaven knows where


luminous sunshine glows ardent on tan skins and pales against cotton curtains

a curious puppy might loll its head lazily about and bark at scampering squirrels

and the sticky rose vanilla soda gives way to the thawing rivulets down my blouse

perhaps i’ll rise from my wicker chair and have a nap soon—or perhaps just five more minutes.

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she is the


that’s long

since dried up

i left her as

she gently

wept, a sullen



she is the

faint taste of

lavender in

my nightmares

i don’t miss it

all that much

but i still wake up

with wet eyes

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A siren’s sweetest call

With a deathly allure

Come now darling, fall

Into the river Styx’s azure

Closer into lovely music

Don’t you be worried sick

I am here to guide you, love

And inner peace you will have

Dearest, please be docile

And show me that smile

As I drag you further down

But now don’t you dare frown

Into the deepest of the abyss

Strange creatures darting amiss

Into my warmer embrace

Against the cold currents’ raze

But once we break the dark

Where no light shall ever spark

The return path is no more

And we’ll stay here forevermore

Nothing too big will be lost

But your red heartbeat’s cost

And your soul’s soft serenity

So darling, come sin with me.

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