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royal flights

my dear pretty starling

you’ll hold my fragile attention

for no more than perhaps a season


but i’ll still sit under your acacia branch

collecting iridescent feathers

as i listen to you beckon away the sun


and my dear pretty starling

soon you’ll migrate to warmer evergreen

so i wish your wispy heart farewell


for mine has rotted off like bad fruit

but i’ll still tuck away the seeds

for your curious beak to plant elsewhere.

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Royal Beggars

Check marks and alibis

The price they pay for teeth

Promises and allegories

Pray for change inside defeat


And so to speak and spell

And to charm this hell

Bleed greed and then well

Hope the pigs won’t tell


Now talk is dirt cheap but

It does the dirty job done

So just simper and dance

And hold them by the gun


Kick back your cold fame

They know the long game

Throne for your lost cause

And mud for your lackeys


Sell them out, sell it out

What’s a little bit of treason?

Cut the ropes on the boat

Future’s just an open prison


Money screams, ears are deaf

Found the corruption in-depth

Screw the poor, feign defence

Hide under oncoming violence


Pockmarks and lullabies

The price you pay just for a seat

It’s all lies, they’re all lies

Isn’t this wasteland such a treat?

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