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The Children of the Endless

Shall Fate be surpassed by Time’s willing hand

And thus Destiny be overtaken?

The Universe fails so to understand

Human lives are Awakened, Forsaken

Pain implores high, His Desire overwhelms

Desperation arises from within

While Ecstasy is at Morpheus’s helm

Feeding minds false Indulgence and sweet Sin

Thus Delirium gives way to Destruction

And from Decimation, Death does trouble

A clang of the bells shows Dessication

Decay and Parasite feed on the souls

Children of the Endless, forces of Hate

Fathered by Darkness, your Eternal Fate.

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Nocturnal Cantabile

Breath of midnight filled with caution

Starlight dust intoxication

Tenfold brilliance, galactic consonance

Euphonious voice of darkness, resonance


Sandman’s whispers so captivating

Unconscious harmonic music-making

Into a soft bed of reveries you drown

Leave those pains and ease that frown


Pupils giving off bright reflections

Dull aches flooded with saturation

Slow but steady, hearts they beat

Intertwined breathing, conjure some heat


Ripples of a fragile notion

Reverberate sounds of revelations

Wispy souls assess unknown emotions

As nocturnal birds sing in repetition


Cosmos painted lush; a deep navy blue

As the moon wishes aches away, bid adieu

Let ethereal clouds of imagination float freely in the skies

Sweet dreams, the planet tucks you in, and good night.

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