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I’m starving for medicine—

For a thousand clattering

Pills indulged all at once,

Dropping like snowflakes

On my withered tongue…


I’m starving for some sleep—

For a million hazy dreams

Coalesced softly all at once,

Showering like hail and sleet

Impaling my withered soul.

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My heart pumps this blood rush still, my legs numb
My sweat drips down my face, clears my vision
I battle myself, I battle…keep my hands from my throat
For this silence, I battle myself, I battle…


The simple logistics

Interfering with sense

Introduced in interims

Of trivialities dense

So lend me another idea

Of a wasted nostalgia

I’ll keep it so dearly

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Stop my phantom hand

From impulsive emotion

Sedate me some more

In prescribed medication

The pills muffle pain

As well as thinking new

A choice without the other

I’ll have to make do.


Swallow down now whole, bitter pill unfolds
I lose my surroundings and fake that I’ve gained hope
This bitter pill he swallows takes the tension…

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The dark of the Daevic shadows

The whisper of the stark night

The light of the sweet meadows

The grandeur of your lost fight


He creeps past your old bones

And laces your senseless spine

Embraces your faded name set in stone

And slithers lethally “You’re solely mine”


Dulled by a chisel, to an empty start

Indulged in liquors of the bitterest sin

Sedated by his cold, your ticking heart

Never knew he pumped it with nitroglycerin


The vespertine of the blurred figures

The susurrus chants of burned sedate

The blinding bright of heavenly whispers

As your heart goes off and you detonate.

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