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The Five Senses

Screaming, shouting, erupting from the room

Mouths never cease to talk, sharp tongues almost burn

People nagging people, stinging voices right and left

I wish that I couldn’t hear, I wish I was deaf


Fighting, discord, all around the place

Bedlam, chaos, never-ending hate

Humans murder humans, endless wars and battles you can find

I wish that I couldn’t see a thing, I wish I was blind


Filthy pollution emanating from the world

Stank decaying corruption from a politician’s words

Putrid garbage and decaying flesh constantly invading my nose

I wish that I couldn’t smell, I wish for an endless cold


The bitter taste of pain and metallic blood, never to leave my mouth

I try to wash it out with sweets, but it always sticks about

Disgusting promises, tasteless lies constantly crammed in my throat

I wish that I couldn’t taste, I wish my tongue was naught


The infinite hurt and torture, everyday I always endure and feel

I desperately shut it out, but I know that it’s what’s actually real

Splice my skin, shatter my soul, plant silky voices in my head

I really wish that I couldn’t feel, I wish I was better off dead.

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