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Severing Heartstrings

I’m a ghost in your eyes
A shadow you can’t seem to recognise
I have a thought of you for every, star in the sky
But I’m scared, I’ll never cross your mind…


Lusted contrivances hold a harangued heart

The chaos of the slow moment is lost in the depart

Further regressing, counting ocean shore waves

Falling into the demesnes of a shadow I can’t save

Where the houses are burned to build a bonfire

And the dissemination is nothing but a pipe desire

What can be wrong with the things one can’t expect?

And what does this heedless vitriol bring to that next?

The sharpest tools have rusted away into desperation

Until one can no longer cut away those strings of infection

Finding museum peace over the turnstiles of amusement

This heart may be heavy but the weight can circumvent.


Will our stars ever align?
Will two hearts, beat in time?
These words you should always remember
To you, my heart I surrender…


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resent me

for holding

you back

so i’ll cease

holding on

to your chance

that i lack.

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metal & skin (xx.)

mutilated and sever

under blood forever

twisted neuropathy

insipid on disparity

lacerate for the lies

as ethyl intensifies

the cuts feel liquid

it is just tarnished

over and unmade

need a new blade.

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Cut away the binding, choking crimson cords

That connect us, effectively separating our ties

Pop all the exchanged bubbles of floating words

Broken fuzzy communications between you and I

Shatter the shiny mirror that together we built

Rid the evidence, sure, but the scars will remain

Burn the rickety bridge connecting our domain

Relay conflagration while I’m still crossing it

Shamelessly walk away from this and simply leave

Between us, gracelessly build a huge towering wall

Just leave me dangling, calling, in this jagged angry cliff

Just sever the rope, my last lifeline, and let me take the fall.

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