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Poem Shorts



Wandering into endless depths of space

Condemned in an empty void, he lost his sanity

Because time won and he lost the race

Now he’s stuck there, lost for eternity.



You tap me on the shoulder and ask me if I’m okay

I dry my eyes, smile, and simply say

“I’m fine, it’s cool, It’ll be great in all good time”

But inside I ask myself “Am I really fine?”



They say that time heals all wounds

But I simply cannot wait that long

These wounds and scars need to be healed soon

So shall we sew them up, while singing a little song?



You whisper goodbye to me

Then your words become evanescent

And like the deciduous leaves of a tree

You fall from my touch and finally break free.



Red, red, richly red

Flowing from my wrists into my bed

Streaming out of me until I’m dead

Red, red, bloody red.


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Truth and Lies

(A short poem I made waaaay back. Somewhat inspired by an awkward incident that happened to me. Enjoy~)


I can tell whether you’re telling the truth or not

You think that you can lie to me, but I’ll hound you until you rot

I know that behind all those pathetic excuses and sickly smiles

The actual truth lies


I’m watching your every step and your actions

I can tell by how you move

That you’re steering me in the wrong direction

And I’ll come after you until I prove

That you’re hiding something

. . .

I know you’re lying.

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