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I Will Be Nothing (Without Your Love)


Breathing In My Words

Let me make your lungs burn

With the fire and the smoke

Feel the wrath of the temperature

Bring your heart back up to choke

Let me make your lungs burn

With the cigarettes and the dirt

Taste the wrath of this vindication

Bring your heart back up to hurt.


The Shadow Of Who I Was

It doesn’t make sense to haunt me

If all the ghosts are still sleeping

But I’ll be your rough concrete grave

Don’t close your eyes while I’m dreaming

Your disappearing act is getting subtle

Static song whispering to the radio

I don’t ever want to see your head ache

But I have to dissect it to see what you know.


Time, Like The Lines Are Red In Between

I’ll sink into the tangled web you weave

Find safety in the voice that sinks ships

Drowning’s a mercy than to watch you leave

And arrogance will make me cold and sick

I will be nothing without the skyless sea

But you’re next to nothing to ever envy me

And come this morning when I take the abyss

The tidal waves behind you won’t ever miss.


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Saturni Ad Infinitum



To see the clouds dragged down in vain

Another schism pulled away into disdain

An aftershock of cyanide writ in red letters

The austerity banished and again embittered.



Disconnected dissension dwelt in maiden shrines

A lone voice seeks peace in a tempest of rigid design

In precarious erudition and fraudulent disputation

As her ebony tapestry is burned in laureate predilection.



Recherche glistening in rusticated reveries of diamond dewdrops

An avalanche of labyrinthine dreams brimming to the cusp

Illicit, a monochrome heart searches tranquility in the midst of dissonance

Nihilism whispers for each staccato beat, as behind the pale moon, shadows dance in elegance.



Notches on the canvas that used to be the purest of white

Now reduced to common insanity, pilfering a virgin sight

Chagrined wish never uttered, held at the back of interface

And hope—against hope, that the ruptures will be erased.



Just tell me when you’re down, and we can go downtown

To paint the rain with auburn blues, draw on every smiley face a frown

Just tell me when you’re not alright, and we can stay all night

To pen about storms in chemical black, write until you take back the light.


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Post-its for the Past

Now you’re here and you don’t know why
But under skinned knees and the skid marks
Past the places where you used to learn
You howl and listen, listen and wait for the
Echoes of angels who won’t return…



I have my back on the sun, facing forward

So long and goodnight to the mornings I will discard

In the highway I constructed, shadows shift

I think I’ll be walking on this life they call a road trip.



Conflagration flying past oceans, murmuring tacit prayers

Counting fallen feathers for the losing sky-drowned hours

Causeries bartering hanging lights and silver dollar moons

Crashing in collisions of star showers, orbit heaven at noon.



Leave me to beat out the bad news with a belt

But I never leave scars, only angry marks and welts

Soon they’ll come back for another box round

Perhaps this time I can bury them all into the ground.



The distorted horizons appear to be a looking glass

In which vacant visages can peer out flummox past

Unblinking funicular eyes oscillate betwixt the edge

Again it sinks into cosmic cisterns, glazing the ledge.



The letter I sent to the past never arrived for the message

The return address was blurred, I lacked a ten pence postage

So I’ll send another envelope to the future me, it’s enough

This time, I’m changing the postmark and licking the stamps.


But you’ll just sit tight and watch it unwind
It’s only what you’re asking for
And you’ll be just fine with all of your time
It’s only what you’re waiting for…

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Misstakes and Missgivings

And he will prove that he’s a man
With wooden bed posts whittled away
With the notches, they were carved in
A little too deep, and now he’s paying for it
He’s sleeping on the floor tonight…



Grey lines overlapping past chromatic predilections

Every lie behind your back a surrendering misdirection

And checkered tiles of monochrome begin to collide

Crippling your floral pastels of a spatial spectrum inside.



Oh, he’s the starry boy you dreamt to dream about

The lamplight is dimming, his dark is the only sound

Oh, she’s the sunny girl you wished to wish around

As midnight begins fading, but her sun is rising south.



Jaded tally marks that bore of no prior ill intentions

Experimental humanity, to prove one’s selfless remedy

Jealous carved notches that dug past poor decisions

Hypothetical insanity, the truth of one’s selfish disparity.



I wouldn’t dare separate those traitors from the sinners

The difference is a gradual distortion of perceptiveness

If I were to dissect myself as my blood’s growing thinner

I’ll inject a dose of my own irrationality, when I confess.



Attachment is not a currency made to be paid for in stacks

Clattering like calloused dimes worn out with nicked sides

It’s not a tarnished nickel abandoned in a locked cash box

Restricted only to when you need the spare change to abide.


I’ll tell my proudest secrets
Don’t mind if you can’t keep them
Well, lately it’s been mayday
So tell me, why is this your favorite sin?
Oh baby, lately it’s been mayday
So tell me why you wanna fake
Why you wanna fake it?

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Twelve Kilometres


Dear lazy-eyed moon

With your golden gloom

Have you come to accompany

Me in my extensive journey?

Did you come to wink and smile

With that soft butter hue style

My dearest lazy-eyed moon

Will you stay or leave too soon?



The manifesto of the streetlights

An unctuous torch flickering unsure

Sounds of rubber against pavement

And prayers and jesting alike, pure

Whence the city aspirations unfold

Into concrete and sentient dreams

Let the heavens listen so they know

This expedition is more than it means.



What a perfect nightscape

Perhaps the blithering crowds

Couldn’t ruin this dainty tranquility

If only solipsism were allowed

Yet music’s humming in my ears

As I’m pondering with the stars

In a writhing mass of humans near

I’ve never felt so lone and far.



The abrasive blisters in my skin

Are beginning to complain loudly

Let us rest, you pompous wretch!

And my pained feet agrees wearily

The pressing people, intertwined

Of heat, sweat, and testosterone

The claustrophobia drives me mad

Oh, it’s no fun, can’t we just go home?



An amusement and animated conversations

Betwixt mouthfuls of crisps and a macchiato

Pinches and punches and surly fights broken

Sooner than now, it’s time for everyone to go

A lengthy travel adventure—though not quite

An exhausting walk and rarest bucolic sights

Farewell to infinite horizons of the falling night

Until the next peregrination…and pray we might.

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Laconic Retrospection

Please keep chasing me
Your Southern constellations got me so dizzy
It’s cold but you pretend that you are warm with me
Before I get you home you’re nearly frozen
But I’ll never let you freeze without me
Oh, no…



I’m a taciturn molecule

Who offers my articulacy in slight

Yet I’d wish to assure

My thanks for the delightful night.



Step in, step out, left leg and right

Pick up the pace, don’t lose sights

Footsteps faster, you’ll make it son

And if it all fails, break hell and run.



Listen to their laughs and aspirations

Watching exaggerated gesticulations

Why are you there? The answer is nil

A chariot won’t run with no third wheel.



You can lead me to a bucket of words

But you cannot make me drink

The same way I can lead you to a brain

But even I can’t make you think.



Amy and Ken, sipping their sodas

May’s ice cream is melting in fast

Sue’s popping dimples in hysteria

Ten sat thinking how long it’ll last.


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POEM SHORTS: Distorted Reveries


I stare at the frosted window, peering deep into my soul

But only nothingness did I see

I look into the mirror, hoping to find myself whole

But instead, a monster greeted me.



Black roses are dead

Wilting violets a dull hue

All laid on your lonely grave

As I say goodbye to you.



Sometimes I imagine if I ever suddenly disappeared

Would it even matter, would they notice I’m not here?

But no matter how much I wish, and no matter how I feel

I know it’s just simply impossible, and I never will.



A lovely dress to cover up the scars and wounds that they all despise

Thick makeup to hide my washed-up face and swollen eyes

A mask of happiness to muffle out my painful cries

And now I’m finally finished:a very beautiful lie.



Lighted black candles and a blazing chromatic pyre

Seraphs, in chorus, mournfully singing dark requiems desire

Roses, faint of blood, sharp thorns ready to wound

A funeral for the lost, a shadow mourning under the moon.


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Poem Shorts



Wandering into endless depths of space

Condemned in an empty void, he lost his sanity

Because time won and he lost the race

Now he’s stuck there, lost for eternity.



You tap me on the shoulder and ask me if I’m okay

I dry my eyes, smile, and simply say

“I’m fine, it’s cool, It’ll be great in all good time”

But inside I ask myself “Am I really fine?”



They say that time heals all wounds

But I simply cannot wait that long

These wounds and scars need to be healed soon

So shall we sew them up, while singing a little song?



You whisper goodbye to me

Then your words become evanescent

And like the deciduous leaves of a tree

You fall from my touch and finally break free.



Red, red, richly red

Flowing from my wrists into my bed

Streaming out of me until I’m dead

Red, red, bloody red.


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