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iv.) intersections.

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a shoulder grazed

untouching friction

a backward glance

a wordless communication

silent discourses gone

it never meant so much

more to a simple stranger

who needed some complication.

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Avoirdupois Tragedienne

But don’t believe
‘Cause yesterday I found her
With her clothes still wet
Crying in the shower
On her knees she screamed
“Why the fuck am I falling apart?”


Tapes of your your static voice sounding like the stitches you swallowed

A concave complex life, and a Seraphim’s beating wings you followed

Shot like a satellite, burning rapidly on the veil of the thin atmosphere

As soon as your phantasmagoria began, it all became much more clear


All they ever do is talk with saccharine bleeding broken tongues

Hoping to discern some logic from a common sense long gone

As you scratch tally marks on your hand silently with a garnet pen

Wishing badly that it was a pair of scissors you were holding then

Needle skin and paper hair, and the ashy cigarette butts that you wear

Serotonin tears and that sloven stare which says “I don’t fucking care”

But when the coarsely outlined nightmares all come crashing down

You’ll feel vibrations and aftershocks of the rueful bottomless sound


The screaming moon sends all its best from the collapsing space

Torn down like coloured magazines with a single aegean gaze

Bite down on your pencil until your tooth breaks and souls bleed

Whoever said you were gonna fit in this sophisticated puzzle, kid?


Another shot bullet, another shot of vodka, cold injections and interjections

Another tearstained pillow muffling and numbing your pained sensations

Sunny post-it notes stuck on a paper bag, for a manufactured inspiration

It’s giving you a nasty sunburn, who wants a blinding optimistic illusion?


Parochial drops of burning gold, learn to read between the parallel lines

Midnight nails and garage sales, can’t they read the perspicuous signs?

Tinted shades that block the tainted world away from their callous naïvety

Shaded rose like a melodramatic pose struck in a ludicrous inscrutability


Bitter lemon groves with souring hearts, and they close the equidistance

Collapsing off the words that sent your life spiralling into a malfeasance

Too late did I tell you to hold on, when you’re already falling off the rope

With no net to catch your neck, you’re a human aviation that’s out of hope


Selling pieces of candy bars and gasoline for the faintest leaks of light

Colliding into dead ends to the empty weekend, and you gave up the fight

Eye blink, don’t think, remember that you’re coalescing gossamer being

Fading fast into a sobered demise, and still, would they even start to listen?


Zero gravity infinity, your diminishing fragile tether to an elucidated clarity

Now you’re gone forever, they’ll mourn you in verses of glistening poetry

Your sweet strawberry lips are bruised to purple and forever closed the gates

And I’ll only have the stars and myself to blame, why the fuck was I too late?


One casual phase, and the flowers curled and melted into a defiant serendipity

Gory over glory, your scarlet shoes are dripping away your evanescing vitality

A derided heretic, a bland predicament, that living was your terminal etiology

Now you’ve taken the easy way out, and I never even got to say to you…I’m sorry.


‘Cause you don’t even know you’re an angel
Foolish am I for the times I’ve come and gone
These stars defy love, so close my eyes
And sleep inside your worn-in bed
And it woke me up like a heart attack
When you talk in your sleep I’ll be there
To slow your breath.

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