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we’re all


little gears

in a damaged

large system

all gnashing

and grinding

and crashing

and breaking

to keep this


society working


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Friends vs. Fantasies

I absolutely despise social interaction

And I’ll forsake the company of others

I would rather not have conversations

Or indulge for my brothers and sisters


When I attempt to be amicable, acquaint

It feels like I’m scarfing down lead paint

The smiling, greetings, painful small talk

I don’t feel any better, as away they walk


The only friends I will ever require are you

But what a damn shame that isn’t quite true

For you’ll only visit me when I’m fast asleep

Your separated reality is never mine to keep.

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is taxing

i know i’m


to have fun

but what’s

supposed to

give me light

is sucking

out my sun.

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Sociable vices

And interaction

Is good, I heed

But sometimes

Some time alone

Is what I truly need.

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A Simmering Conversation; And A Conversation Never Served

I can taste thin complimentary breath mints in my mouth

Yet the putrid black bile overpowers my taste and overrides

All that I can hear is flapping argot and holes blaring static

As they chatter and maunder easily, classically and refined


My freshened mind thinks of a comedic anecdote, a funny pastime

Yet my throat still manages to choke on last night’s blandest dinner

Try to formulate tragically-told stories of my perfect getaway crime

Yet my Pandora box opens up, my anxiety comes out, a clearcut winner


Those offered pale breath mints turn out to be severely toxic

That disgusting bile turns into another blessing damn to come

I slowly transform into a madhouse patient struck into epileptic

My imagination dips its ankles hesitantly into the waves and ran


And that planned small talk dispels into nausea, gets regurgitated back up

And I try to find my way but stumble upon my chattering useless teeth

The conversation swerves, halts to a skid, their dull stares judge and flat

As I fumble with my tools, trying to patch it back but spit grease in defeat


So when I manage to untwist my knotted gut and spill my overflowing tongue’s pretence

And you tune me back to the discourse, shooting impatient waiting glares and pretending

It seems I’m always the one who’s spouting silliness, talking trumpery, and blathering alien nonsense

Oh dear listeners, I’m so sorry if I have bored you, are the monsters in my head not at all that interesting?

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All Hail The King; God Save The Queen

When there’s no future, how can there be sin?
We’re the flowers in the dustbin
We’re the poison in your human machine
We’re the future, your future…


Wallowing in your vast wealth, swim in limitless riches and sheer opulence

With your hard-worn pride glimmering blind and your greedy ego’s corpulence

Your golden throne and bejewelled shiny crown is your gratifying sanctity

Your own way of safe protection against life’s endless cruel infidelity


Dine as many times a day as you wish, with the finest of food and silverware

And a bath of lavender and rose petals shall await you later on, laid prepared

With tailored suits and expensive gowns donned, shan’t you have a party?

Dance to the beat of the music and mingle with the highest orders of society


Paid postage stamps donning your sharp profiles, lick it and then stick

The poorer ask for empty grumbled bellies fed, why not let them eat cake?

The criminals fled and burned witches dead, sick entertainment to no end

Bring the executions on, strike the razor guillotine, and *thwack!* Off with their heads!


Power and soldiers will save you from the hive crowds, masses that flock and hate

Chainmail armour will protect you from crimson roses’ sharp thorns that badly scathe

Cold currency can buy you everything that you ever wish for at your own disposal

After all, money talks better, and it’s sadly true that human avarice is universal


Your banner stabbed and raised upon the ground, designated coat of arms boasted, flag fluttering

Rewarded with that twisted satisfaction of making a mark on this earth, such a sweet dignified feeling

But not all that glitters is gold; people shall look upon you not with fear and respect, but rather loathing and pity

And the centuries will come and pass until you’re nothing more but a mere forgotten footnote in the books of history.

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A Morbid Ail of the Finest Society

If I held my ground would you ask me to change?
This drought bleeds on now we’re dancing for rain
We drink the air but it’s still not the same
These worlds collide but the distance remains
We point the finger, never accept the blame and I know…I know…


Florence satirically stole, no, earns, no, gains her bejewelled silver crown today

So all hail King Edward the III and his decaying head served on a golden plate

We’ve caught a disease, passed on a threat worse than the blackest plague

We’ve caught dementia worse than death, sixty-six times a millionfold degrade


You’re selling me a bandied broken arm for a dime and a square of sloppy bandage

Churches trading stained-glass windows for plot graves, say, they’re all the rage

And we’re dancing madly sopped in puddles for a rain of just a little more blood

And I’m asking Heavens for another sign and to bless a prayer of dehydrated flood


Let’s make a toast tonight, clink poisoned glasses, remember for the dead

On crystalline wares, we drink and intoxicate with the finest carafes of silver lead

A song for the ages, twirling twists of a humming playing quick-paced tarantella

Beating the crowd’s madness, thump drumbeats against their raging paranoia


You’re calling crawling falling failing waiting wailing hating growing deep

You curse the firmament with your silly sickness, taste dust and rust as you weep

Caught the disease with a single sneeze shared among your elitist peers

A lacy hanky ain’t enough to cover and contain the spread of insanity and fear


We’re selling our theology for a penny of advancements and a gaggle of slaves

And we’re trading our morality for motheaten lingeries and lusted golden gates

And we’re dancing madly sopped in puddles for a rain of just a little more blood

And I’m asking a prayer of eulogy, holy keep your paradise and your angels safe from all of us, God.

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