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My heart’s a ticking time-bomb doomed to soar

My knees constantly wobbling, shaking the floor

My arms are enveloped with endless tremors

My empty eyes no longer healthy, but sunken fervours


My mind twists and aches, grappling for a foothold

Slipping, swelling, spiraling deep into the void

My soul is looking for a way out of this Arctic cold

Confused between adrenaline and genuine joy


I wish the Darkness Overlord to hear this

And be so kind and merciful as to grant my wish

The power to sleep, to drown all my sorrows to naught

To let the tiring cycles of life leave and my dreamland burn hot


If it may be eternal rest, I honestly care no longer

All I crave is the sweet poison of unconsciousness

And my tired conscience perceives that this uncanny side effect

Is nothing now but a simply a minute consequence.

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