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the art of art

i am you

i’ll play a tune

to sing of sunny haze

and cloudy gloom


you are me

you’ll write a sonnet

to speak of fireflies

and underground moments


i am me

i’ll paint a picasso

depicting stained hearts

and abstracted souls


you are you

you’ll orate a speech

declaiming of eloquence

and casual vernacular street


we are we

and we will forever be

immoralised from art to poetry

faded all the way to infinity.

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Odes And Dedications

I’d write you a million letters

You left me at a loss for words

Halfway around the world, yet

You stole my breaths unfurled


I’ll compose until my hands ache

And my quill protests ‘no more’

Until I dried up all the ink I have

And literates stop keeping score


I’d write you in ballads and sonnets

Limericks, haikus, and silly rhymes

I’d write you odes and lengthy epics

That shall withstand the test of time


And all the troubadours and minstrels

Will speak of your name for centuries

Immortalised between yellowing pages

Of prose and verse and lines of poetry


I’d write you a million novels and books

‘Til I run out of words to use in every language

And even then, it still won’t fully express

Just how much you truly made this bard change.

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Faces in the Mirror

“No, I’m barely hanging on…
By the time you’re hearing this
I’ll already be gone.”


Vacancies in visible endeavours

Spectres gaze back, alluding the mirror

Enchanting curlicues and plumes of smoke

Remorseless, bitter tryptophan in spokes

Unresponsive heart silencing my pulse

Cascading lavender, faux fragile ghost

Persistent aches colluding in my chest

Paralysing asphalt refusing rest

Exquisite grievous, scant aphorism

Whilst speculations worship sadism

Coalescing exaltations infest

Imitating a clockwork heaven’s best

Your faded temper embraced me goodbye

You’re the divine phantom piercing my lies.

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Hardened Heart and Spectrum Soul

There’s naught but cosmos braided in thine eyes

Might blossoms doth flourish forevermore

Thine fingertips blush with that of surprise

Butterflies lilt from the dress thou hast wore

Yet mourning lips dost bleed red from thine tongue

Might melancholy plague thee nevermore

Thine toes amble amongst jagged shears stung

Bats shrieking from the fabric thou shalt tore

Mistress, must thou allow such perplexments?

Monochrome unto shade predicaments

Yet such soul of mine hath colours to spare

I shall love each grey of your heartstrings fair.

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Bitter Phantoms

Echoes of empty voices at midnight

Relics of a past long henceforth dissolved

Lay upon the thin cotton sheets in slight

Movement before thou’st ponders thus absolved

Her sweet music box voice, gently lilting

Like the tone of butterfly wings flapping

His tongue-in-cheek laugh, charismatic grin

Like the last smile of sunset’s rose chagrin

Fireflies float lazy, dot o’er vast fields

Mourned nightingale twitters, lost in the dark

Yet my saturnine heart I’ve chose to wield

A somnolent moonrise without a spark

Erstwhile must broken memories haunt thee?

Bitter phantoms’ lullabies hummed softly.

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The Children of the Endless

Shall Fate be surpassed by Time’s willing hand

And thus Destiny be overtaken?

The Universe fails so to understand

Human lives are Awakened, Forsaken

Pain implores high, His Desire overwhelms

Desperation arises from within

While Ecstasy is at Morpheus’s helm

Feeding minds false Indulgence and sweet Sin

Thus Delirium gives way to Destruction

And from Decimation, Death does trouble

A clang of the bells shows Dessication

Decay and Parasite feed on the souls

Children of the Endless, forces of Hate

Fathered by Darkness, your Eternal Fate.

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Felix Felicis

Long yarns will eventually unravel

To weave a tale of beauty and marvel

Darkness isn’t full of monsters to fight

For without it we would not see the light

Loneliness is not a heavy burden

Gives us the chance to meet new companions

For every shade of black there is a white

But it’s not only monochrome, our sights

So open up the paintbox, grab your brush

And splash the canvas with colours so lush

They say you’re better off untainted, pure

But how could they ever be truly sure?

Perhaps if we learn to be jubilant

Maybe the world won’t be so discordant.

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Hearts of Ice and Fire

My heart is ice, as yours is fire

My soul is icy cold, yet yours is burning hot

I vie for useless yearnings, you have your blazing desires

I build snowmen and forts, sand and sandcastles you admire

Because I live for snow and without the sun you are naught


My heart is ice, so dangerously cold

Easily cracked and broken with a delicate touch of a hand

I feel nothingness, not a single emotion did unfold

Not a single ray of sun has ever shone upon my land

Love, warmth, heat, I could barely understand


Your heart is fire, such great intensity

Burning furiously, filled with fiery passion and hate

You feel anger and hate, the flames tend to bite at your sanity

Coolness, calmness, serenity were never your state

Not even a slight tinge of cold ever met your fate


Yet when by chance our hearts combined

We felt something very strange, something we both cannot define

I softened from the burst of warmth, you shivered from the cold that came through

I melted, you cooled down, it felt so surreal, so untrue

And at that moment, started a completely new feeling unbeknownst to me and you


My heart was ice, as yours was fire

But know we both know the feelings of blazing ice and freezing heat

Our souls became one, our hearts are now out of mire

For now we understand balance, and now our emotions and feelings fleet

And now we know I cannot live without you, and you cannot live without I.

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