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21 – road rash

knees skinned

and bleeding out

arms barely bent

crashing again


rocks embedded

on sore red palms

and bruised elbows

cause falling again


ankles sprained

and depleted lungs

stinging, screaming

colliding yet again


injuries all counted

lost count of new pain

too tired yet too wired

cold concrete, again

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Mister Misery

I stare at the world and see it as a miserable smile;

The kind that leaves taciturn strangers wondering whether it was genuine at all.


My eyes feel numb and sore from watching everything unfold like a labyrinth

But no matter how hard I try, I can’t close my eyes and dream again.


So I grasp at the lying nightmares constricting my throat and hope

That this time, I won’t have to choke on the truth anymore—


But the world’s still full of strangers with miserable smiles and numb eyes

Still wondering. Still awake. Still unable to breathe.


And I am one of them.

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tired feet and sore bones

tired feet, cold

and sore bones

soaked in rain

kicking stones

stories, secrets

but no telling

as cheeks hurt

from laughing

sterile offices

reject, resent

victory at little


walking for a

hundred miles

company makes

it worthwhile

end of the day

afternoon fleets

sharing life and

colourful biscuits

tired feet, cold

and sore bones

but somehow i don’t

want to go home.

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