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Oh, Ain’t That Clever? (The Hundred Dollar Profanity)

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the ugliest of them all?
Severed, crawling like spiders
Injecting poison, now kill the bile spewing
The walking selfish living dead
I turn to rust and you play
In all the filth that you’ve created…


Sweet milk will still taste spoiled

If the mouth is too putrid and rotten

And barbaric words just don’t define

Someone’s being a “good” person


Underhanded plagues dyed the rain

With condescension and redder stains

With a wish that the cleave cuts deep

And that leather flesh will never heal


As judging eyes feel the need to gloat

Like skies on fire, the ashy vanity floats

Prison’s good but the abuse feels numb

All hands on them until they succumb


It’s fine to feel fine, the need to feel needy

And pride has never been so carelessly greedy

But freedom will still taste like putrid decay

When the body’s too bitter to feel the right way.


And when your dreams have come to end
How will you buy your happiness?
And when your self is all you have left
With what will you fill your emptiness?
You are the cause of man’s dissolving evolution
Is my heart completely useless?

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Ponderings and Preludes III



My cheeks are pink-flushed

Madly you make me blush

My pulse races horribly fast

But you make my heart stop.



Dragons and cackling witches

In a magical playing field

The poor damsel in the story

But the golden sword she wields.



Living might be my wed wife

But Death, she’s my mistress

For when I finally tire of Life

Death’ll relieve me of all its stress.



You used to be like cold milk

Simply sweet and pure white silk

But they left you out too long then

And now you’re spoiled rotten.



I glimmer with sheer iridescence

Floating softly without defence

But alas, this quaint beauty is fragile

Once I pop, gone forever is my smile.


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