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stop obsessing

over my life

just because you

need to get one

of your own.

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From Your Clandestine Lover

To my dearest girl…

I love you so, but you don’t know

It seems so sudden, but I don’t at all lie

As soon as I climbed up and peered up your window

My heart instantly pounded, I found true love, I couldn’t deny

I love the little quirks that you make

Like that cute waver of your hands, and that dainty smile within

It fascinates and enthralls me, I’d liken your appearance to cake

Because of the sweet smell of your hair and the softness of your skin

I love the way you seem to dance as you glide across the room

I love the way your pretty bare back looks like a pink flower in bloom

I love the way you fix your hair, and all the dresses you choose to wear

I love the way your red lips pout, and the way your sparkling green eyes stare

I love you greatly, and all the smallest things that you do

And I admit, it wasn’t really by accident that I often bump into you

It’s destiny, honey, but why do refuse the truth?

Why do you always choose to avoid me, like I’m the big bad wolf?

I love you so much, why do you want to run away?

Is it because I snake around the shadows and follow you everyday?

Darling, please don’t go, was I too clingy with you?

Please just come closer, and I promise, our love will shine through

I love you dear, I won’t do anything to hurt you at all

Please stop screaming, I just want to talk, stop struggling, or else you’ll fall

I love you, but I know I just couldn’t keep you, dear

Because you live a normal life, while I live in constant fear

You don’t have voices in your head, demons that nag you how to act

You don’t always feel the need to observe and follow humans, that’s a fact

And I’d change for you, love, I’d really desperately try

But this stupid little habit of mine just never seems to break

I’d do anything to get rid of it, but it will continue hounding me till I die

So please hear me out, I apologize, I’m so sorry for my mistakes

I love you till the end of time, always remember, especially when they throw me in jail too

But, for now…I’ll let you go, because I know that it’s best for both me and you

But I’ll always keep around some pieces of your blonde hair

And I’ll always cherish those moments as you prepared for sleep that we shared

I’ll always love you honey, but who’ll love a person like me, right?

I know you’ll never read this, but I conclude my letter, have a good night.

Take care always, love, your most faithful stalker.

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