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Last Man Standing

She could feel the bitter ashes floating in her tongue

The taste of the recently-deceased, and those long gone

As she stood in the ruins of what used to be her home

Staring at what used to be her perfect world, now a shattered dome

The last living human, a hollow victory

Surely heaven had to be nonexistent to allow this cruelty.

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A Standing Ovation

Hear ye, hear ye!

The excited man fumbled for the microphone

And started to speak in an elated tone

He announced to the world that he had it all

As he stood proudly on his gargantuan stage

But then the stage began to crumble and fall

Because of the crowd’s sudden burst of rage

He implored them to stop, he tried in vain to beg

But his faint pleas got overtaken by all the screaming instead

So they shout “Get off the stage, you pompous fool!

And ” Go to hell, you miserable old tool!”

As the bloodthirsty beasts began to tear him apart

No one noticed a single voice, lost in their steady cadence

“You may have everything,” the figure uttered as he started to depart

“But one thing that you’ll never have is the approval of the audience.”

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