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Sans Voix

The tiny stitches

You’ve sewed into my lips

Won’t let me go

I can’t speak, I can’t speak

Flying freedom

I fathomed wrongly to have

Snatched tongue

Waywardness I seek, I seek

Of the only place

Where I am sound of mind

You’ve stifled it

Let me sleep, oh let me sleep

The single thing

That’s keeping me barely alive

You’ve hijacked

I couldn’t keep, I couldn’t keep

In melancholia

Drops of blood and respiration

And dried tears

I shan’t leak away, I shan’t leak

I vain escaping

The dark solace you have ruined

And once again

Against your poison, I’m weak, so weak…

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it’s like

every time

i write,

i keep losing

a part of


until all i’m

doing is


and plaigarising

words from

other people’s


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The Break-in

The bandit

Sneaks within

Your heart,

Steals everything

That’s yours

And all you love,

Leaves your

Soul in a



And worst of all,

He lets you


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Fragmented Soul

I said that with you, I would gladly share

But I didn’t state that I would simply give

What’s mine is mine, and both halves is fair

We’ve both equal amounts of a broken sieve


My fragile heart’s carefully laid inside a velvet-lined box

Not slapped rudely on a bare collection plate

So don’t you dare throw the chains and pick the locks

And snatch it for your mad experiments and to sedate


My motley soul is mine to solely control

So cease your petty thievery and sad affectations

Fragments of my crystal that you heartlessly stole

Because no one would offer your empty box any affections.

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