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You were my mockingbird darling;

Caught in between my smileless teeth

As the universe revolved without wonder


My cigarette lungs are no good for you

But the cobalt in your stare was all I needed

To get away from a summer-set heaven


I must have lost ambrosia on my tongue; as

Your ichor paints over the autumn gloom on my face

And every infinite thought of ours ceases to exist.

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Ash & Tongue

Ash is just a word, but why does it taste so ironically bitter in my mouth? Does it hurt to say it, because the conflagrating embers originated from my pharynx, tactlessly ignited after I accidentally swallowed phosphorous nitrate and it corroded against my sandpaper throat and set me on fire? Who would kiss a person with a mouth this filthy? Even the most affectionate of mothers turn their backs away from my chapped sooty lips, bleeding of halitosis and ashes and lies lies lies.

There it is, that word again, pulling my voice under hell and waking me up when I’m having the sweetest dream in my acerbic existence. The exit signs are glowing softly in delicate overtones, yet my bloodshot eyes perceive it as an uproarious neon scream, blinding my eyes, deafening my sight, blackening my vision. The water’s getting colder, I’m caught up in the rip, and my footing has slipped away. I’m swimming, no, drowning in the hazy fumes, dizzy from the medication-addled ozone, and still I could not hear a single truth amid all the false accusations.

He was a man until you destroyed him. You were a girl before I desecrated you, cautiously building you up brick by chalkdust brick, all the while as I’m hiding away the solitary intention of vulgarly demolishing the body that is your temple. And it was all too late for you when you found out. Did you survive all the devastation I caused and rose up from the rubble like a newly-reborn phoenix? Or have your devout worshipers fled the havoc and left you suffocating and buried under all the debris and ashes? Ash is just a name I used to call in my sleep, but why…why does it taste so painful between my teeth?

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Blah Blah Blah

You can try but I will not obey, I will not obey
You’re not a God, I’m not your slave
And you can try but there’s no controlling me
I’ve had enough, the shit you preach
You talk too much, swallow your teeth…


Bite your tongue and clench your teeth

Hold your breath and chew your cheek

Shut your mouth and bleed out your lips

Taste the blood foaming, ain’t it sweet?


When the lies aren’t enough to hold you back

And the conversations form into a spiteful god

They’re all talk talk talk, but never say a word

The gossip so lurid, crashing down your worlds


And would they believe you if it was the truth?

They’ll just call you a preacher and a hypocrite

And would they believe you if you told no evil?

Litanies affixed to your names like it’s bullshit


‘Cause there’s no place for an honest man in hell

And there’s no place for sinners wishing you well

All that’s clean is replaced by regurgitation and bile

And people whispering rumours, stuck here a while


So just burn your tongue and swallow your teeth

Choke down your breath and rip off your cheeks

Shut your fucking mouth and bleed out your lips

To taste the gory lies foaming, oh, ain’t it so sweet?


With so much hate, you drown in shame
The angels cry but you won’t change
You built your world on fear and pain
The snakes will surely sing your name…

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teeth that bite

did i say


wrong again

or did my

tongue slip?

did i do


to break

down that

stiff upper lip?

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bubblegum heart

bubblegum heart

popping again

sweet to the bone

until it tastes bland

like a bitter stone


bubblegum heart

stretch me out

sugar against enamel

chew out the pink

and blow me up


bubblegum heart

are your jaws getting tired?

of all the senseless natter

wasted efforts partaken

over such a saccharine matter


bubblegum heart

i’ll get stuck in your teeth

you can stick me under your desk

but you won’t get rid of

the nasty cavities.

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Milk Teeth

The perfect view eclipsed over you
My eyes look too the skies shine one more time
And I’ll keep my gravity low so I can float back home
I’ll move around you slow, I’m violently alone…


my milk teeth are waning

into a melted candle wax

my doldrums so contagious

it should be locked in a box

maybe i ought to stay away

from your bottled sunshine

i’m afraid it might slip from

my clumsy hands, in decline

oh, when that fragile jar falls

and shatters on the hard floor

you’ll lose your incandescence

and we will lose so much more

my milk teeth are waning away

into stygian eclipsing moonshine

i better stay away from your sun

dear, that way you shall be fine.


So won’t you tell me?
So won’t you tell me?
Does it make you
Does it make you shake?

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I’m quite the patient, but then life must be a dentist

And every single second feels like it’s pulling teeth

Lamplight blinds me, and on the chair I’m strapped

But numbed with nitrous oxide, all I can do is laugh

Patching up the cavities that decomposed my chest

Instruments of metal put my endurance to the test

Life’s only fixing me up for a more permanent smile

But their procedural due hurts like hell all the while.

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Secret Demons and Selfish Denominations



There’s a dull buzzing, lull sounding, full echoing, cruel deafening roaring in my head

And a constant stinging, a tortured poking at my paining temples, I wish that I was dead

There’s a strange rattle as I move, and huh, funny, my orifices are dripping rancid honey

I wonder what I did now to disturb and make the wasps and bees inside my apiary head angry.



The dark cavities are like a black hole, sucking up all the numbness of my thin-lipped mouth

Try as I might, my forced candy sweet smile just falls flat, turns into a sour Warhead pout

Tongue lolling, head rolling, shooting glances, the camera flashes, now please, say cheese!

And it is just another forceful kick directed and landed hard against my already-missing teeth.



My squalid fingers are constantly twitchy, and the anxiety’s buckling my knobbly knees

My hands are livid shaky, my sheer sanity wobbly, I can’t finish my ultimate masterpiece

I aimed for Da Vinci’s breathtaking creations, but instead got a ruined Pollock mixed with Picasso

And there’s a mud puddle of oily grey in the tainted canvas, symbolising how my muddled thoughts flow.



A tingling flicker and switch, trembling limbs fiddle with their own unraveling stitch

Say a last prayer naysayers, can you feel that inhaled oxygen collectively hitch?

Candles lit and double fingers raised on the count of two, a vigil of change I pursue

Though whether its peace or anarchy I signal with my hands, I am unsure which one is true.



Suppressed emotions that I try my very best to choke back like my bitter unpalatable prescribed pills

Lay my eyes upon my bloodstained shoes and never look up, past the ground and beyond the hills

I implore, prick my desensitised skin and thick skull with needles to prove that I am, in fact truly still alive

And not just some abstract ideology, a useless breathing bag of meat and bones constructed on godless lies.


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