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Thanatopsis Erebus

Soft wrists and sharp edges

A dark breath in decline

The disconcerting interplay

Performance of the sign

Moon-blanched vulgarities

Pale innocence on death

Wistful dreams for coroners

Torment thy cozen health

Sedation after manipulations

Lies of century-old adage

Contradictions the affectation

Of this cadenced sabotage

Soft minds and sharp hindsight

Provoke suffocating times

Of this disenchanting execution

Leaving only wordless lines.

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If living is pure bliss

And paradise is but a distant dream

If dying means afterlife

Or eternal rest, perhaps reincarnating


Well I would rather be sad and woeful

And I will induce an everlasting coma

If I were given the chance to live again

Then I would rather accept euthanasia.

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