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Laconic Retrospection

Please keep chasing me
Your Southern constellations got me so dizzy
It’s cold but you pretend that you are warm with me
Before I get you home you’re nearly frozen
But I’ll never let you freeze without me
Oh, no…



I’m a taciturn molecule

Who offers my articulacy in slight

Yet I’d wish to assure

My thanks for the delightful night.



Step in, step out, left leg and right

Pick up the pace, don’t lose sights

Footsteps faster, you’ll make it son

And if it all fails, break hell and run.



Listen to their laughs and aspirations

Watching exaggerated gesticulations

Why are you there? The answer is nil

A chariot won’t run with no third wheel.



You can lead me to a bucket of words

But you cannot make me drink

The same way I can lead you to a brain

But even I can’t make you think.



Amy and Ken, sipping their sodas

May’s ice cream is melting in fast

Sue’s popping dimples in hysteria

Ten sat thinking how long it’ll last.


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