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the thorny thought

it grows and grows

through dahlias grey

and crimson throes


it pierces past

the hardest stones

the softest veils

and diamond bones


the thorny thought

thus rages harsh

climbs castles high

to reach the stars


it pierces past

the coldest blood

and empties veins

to the last drop.

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Secret Catastrophe

i am lacklustre—

butterfly wings devoid

of floral-rose shade

lost within asteroids


i don’t seek cold seas

or gift-wrapped love

i wished desperate throes

from broken-bent doves


only pain lit in purple

unveiled under a night sky

all-consuming death—wanders

in my azure-blinded eye.

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Cutting It Out

When I look in the mirror 
I know not who I see 
It’s hopeless, I’m hopeless 
But I’m not sorry for what that I’ve done
They had it coming, we all die someday
I do what the voices tell me to do…


I want to cut myself open

And come back inside

The recesses of my bones

Broken and pathetic tonight

I want to slit my smile

From my ear to my throat

And I’ll choke myself to sleep

Drunk on blood and bloat

I want to scar myself absurd

Hanging on to every word

That I wrote all over my hands

I don’t even understand

I want to be bruised or bitten

Torn apart and be smitten

By the throes that keep me up

They never want me to stop

I want to cut myself to shreds

Crawl back inside my cesspool head

I don’t want a body that betrays me

In a life that doesn’t even want to take me.


It’s always easier to kill 
When you’re already dead inside
Lock me up ’cause I’ve lost my fucking mind
Rock back and forth, it kills me, it thrills me
Rock back and forth, to see you dead…

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luna cielo

for there never was

and never will be

a finer vagrant soul

to poetically allude me

than the billows of notes

that fall from your shade

and the stars in your lips

to sing a thousand serenades

dear, if only i could compose

about all my woeful throes

in lights enchanting as yours

no word a wasted recourse

and the aesthete that lies

beneath restless amber eyes

will dream up a promise

for fallen eternity’s premise

where the universe spins

as relentless time should be

and no whispers of parallels

between the lines of you and me

i’m quite dizzy from the sun again

but i’ll close my hands, count to ten

and wait against such fragile hope

that you’re the sunrise to decode

so why do i weep, ever still?

in the midst of my bedroom floor

only bare remnants remain, until

a voice paints a distant nevermore

of faithless keep, an endless rue

tomorrow’s heart, nor i nor you

southern nights, quaint afterglow

the days pass on as we’ll quietly go

i may be weary, yet do not think

i’ll give up when i’m on the brink

let’s chase the wind, and we’ll ascend

to an everlasting paradise we can spend

for there never was and never will be

a finer valiant soul to poetically allure me

than the muse of the moon and billowing notes

that fall from your shade and the stars that you wrote.

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In the wandering throes of innocence

I wonder if I am truly—


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A Pretty Girl’s Throes and her Burlesque Show

How does a heart love
If no one has noticed its presence
And where does it go?
Trembling hands play my heart like a drum
But the beat’s gotten lost in the show…


Pretty girl

Made of sugar and spice

Poison and love

Machiavellianism and lies


Pretty girl

Craving for even just a bit of attention

Your parents never cared much

Your breath just reeks of desperation


Pretty girl

With short skirts and tank tops

Showing too much bare skin

To hide the monster within


Pretty girl

Do you feel ever so tall?

In your sharp glossy stilettoes

Looking down at people?


Pretty girl

Stomping harder at others

Till you trip yourself over

Did your ego get hurt?


Pretty girl

Red lipstick for your face to kiss

And a blade dripping crimson

For your mutilated wrists


Pretty girl

Batting sparkles from your lashes

Flirting shamelessly with boys

After all, they are just your toys


Pretty girl

Pink marks on a piece of napkin

Telephone numbers scribbled in

Stinking of rancour, regret and sin


Pretty girl

All alone on the crumbling stage

Once, they treated you as gorgeous

But now you’re just another freak in a cage


Pretty girl

A wilted rose between your teeth

Blood blotted on your battered lips

But in your heart the thorns stuck deep


Pretty girl

Just how much did your pipe dreams cost?

And just how much of your life was lost?

In the end, when all the bitter beer is gone

And the boys and girls had their endless fun

When the lights flicker out and the music stops

When your bubblegum world finally pops

When you finally see yourself alone, standing in a pile of shit

Ask yourself: Was it worth it? Was it worth it?


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