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Time Lapse

“You are a piece of work”

She purred, taking a long sophisticated drag from her cigar

Her flowing silk dress scintillating under the pale gray moon

Her long eyelashes fluttering ever so slightly, sending out passionate sparks

Her every word was soft and as delicate as a spider thread

Weaving a beautiful intricate web

He adored her so, and so did she

They both thought this moment was meant to last

And they shared their first sentiments on the peaceful beach

The cool air whistling and the shiny waves peacefully washing over the sand.


“I was mistaken”

She spat out, absently throwing a cigarette butt away

Her filthy ragged dress as dark as the empty night skies

Her angry eyes filled with tears and smudged with mascara, sending out sparks of hate

Her every word was harsh and as sharp as a glinting knife

Digging into his chest deep

He abhorred her so, and so did she

They both knew that this moment will be their last

And they said their last goodbyes in that dark, chaotic beach

The biting air screeching and the murky volatile waves angrily crashing on the sand


“…You are a piece of work that was never meant to be created.”

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