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the thought

of your embrace

is like being

spun and wrapped

around plumes

of sugar caramel

soft candy floss

for the dream is

sweeter with

each taste, but a

residual toothache

leaves my dizzy

heart feeling

cloyingly cross.

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Toothache Diatribes

Harmless at first

Caused by a thirst

For endless sweets

And sugarcoated treats

But suddenly

It turned out to be

A silent killing spree

Growing steadily

Throbbing intensely

Caused by a cavity

A minute stain

Causing massive pain

And silent enduring

And teeth noisily gnashing

Nothing can be done

Too late to take actions

The root of the problem

Is the only solution

To extract it, pull it out;

Eliminate the spread

One is better off without

Than to lose their entire head

And funny how I notice little details

But strangely, this is true

Whenever I have toothaches, it never fails

To remind me of you.

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