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Ready Steady

This will always be mine, so much more than just a dream to me
And I will never be fine, with letting you ruin everything
And I will never fucking follow your lead
Give up on you, so you can take it out on me
I’m sorry that you had to watch your life come tumbling down…


I’m running out of chances to say what I wanna say

I’ll offer myself another but sooner or later, I’ll have to face today

When the burden becomes blood and control turns into cost

And I forget who I am, what was mine and what was lost


Open a thousand windows and the doors close off again

They take it out on me, but I always needed the extra dose of pain

Cover it up and keep it down, and my accomplices abandon

Once the going gets tough, thinking I won’t be able to go on alone


But keep the cash bet to my name and grit your chipped teeth

I won’t throw away what I can take, I swear I won’t cheat

I won’t cry tears but I’ll spit gasoline just to put out the raging flames

Blame my headspace for the arson and run, it’s just all the same


I know the things I’ve said don’t mean much until I do a thing

You can arrest me for my crimes, but I’ve got a jailbreak primed and waiting

I’m running out of chances, but I never needed any in the first place

I never required them to listen, because any day now I’ll have to face my mistakes.


Now it’s my time and I’m ready to go
Here we go, we got one more chance to make it
Better not lose control
Before everyone forgets your name…

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I see the world, I been there, I’m on my ground
I made it rain in every city a thousand times
You work hard to get paid, that’s what it is
Bentleys and green leaves, that’s how I live
In the back VIP, that’s where you’ll see me
I’m spitting with the homies, I’m sipping Hennessy
Let the haters talk, you ain’t at my level
I’m rolling Continental, never sentimental…


stone cold

with a heart of gold

a talented man

kicking ass on the drums

funny and crazy

sweet and simply amazing

get the party started

with the cadence you departed

spittin’ rhymes to pass

smooth as glass

you’re a total badass

bitch, it’s wastywhiskeyhands

such a lanky giraffe

we just can’t get enough

of all the beats that you create

expectations you break

you’re keepin’ it true

we love the way that you do

you keep me so strong

when i go through my darker days alone

you’re an amazing inspiration

another motivation

even if my life is crying

your soul makes me keep on going

but now they all squeal

as if you were the devil

even though you’ve been so kind

and have a benevolent mind

but don’t listen to them

their words don’t mean a thing

all i know is you

and nothing else is true

so whatever their bullshit is

i won’t easily believe

because i know that you’re good

just like you are and should

and i’ll always be there for you

as you have been for me

and for all of us

without any hesitation or fuss

and i’ll give you all the faith i have

with every hope from you that i enjoy

i’ll support you completely

and love you very dearly

so please always stay tough,

my little drummer boy.


Get it, get it, bounce, bounce
Shake, shake, get money, get paid
We fucking own this city all night
I learned it at a young age gotta
Get money get paid, let’s get drunk tonight…

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Target on my back, lone survivor lasts
They got me in their sights
No surrender no, trigger fingers go
Living the dangerous life…


My dearest nemesis, with your mad scientists and crazy schemes

In this endless battle laid out for two, you are highly passionate, it seems

In a high-stakes race against the other, you think I will easily stumble

But your pride is also your weakness, for I’m practiced and I’ll never crumble


Try to tear and rip me down just like an old peeling paper poster

Throw my momentum off in this crazy rickety ride on a rollercoaster

Dare to shoot me down with your sharp lethal arrows ever flaming

But fighting fire with fire ain’t always right, because I’ll keep on burning


Because I’m invincible, uncontrollable, I’m a raging, roaring, wild monster

So don’t try to stop me now with your darts and measly tranquillisers

Bring me down into derision, but I’ll rise from the grey ashes stronger

Beat me up into submission, and I’ll stick the torture out even longer


I’m that blinking stubborn red light smiling in the midst of the choking dark

When you stomp madly on the dying hearth, I’m that small resilient spark

Toss me with hurricanes, shake me with your earthquakes, up to scale seven

Throw me into hell’s perdition and pull me away from my cloud nine heaven


You think you have guts of glory, perseverance made of pure steel

You think you won’t give up, but guess what? I know I never will

You wish to see my heart flatline? For my soul’s ardent life to flicker and die?

You want to see my immortal hope to fade away? Then I’d like to see you try.


Shot like a rocket up into the sky
Nothing could stop me tonight…

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