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Fleeing the Blood Moon

Fill me with pain, I’ve had enough
Spill me, wipe me up, and wring me out again
Now the blood moon is bawling its eyes out
And my friend in the dark dances on…


For what could these uneasy fingernails slowly dig into

More than simply lacerated flesh or murmured hithertos

As otherworldly scoundrels go fight for their quandary

Fall brick by brick, unveiling another arcane boundary


Jester I may be, complacent whilst our destruction turns

I shall be the last to sing as the towers crumble and burn

Split open my hungry stomach for another odd wisecrack

I will keep you entertained and ignorant of deadly attacks


And bejeweled sobriquets might only protect severed heads

Let’s cheers with poisoned chalices, pray make us fly with lead

As unwavering fingernails are ripped away from where they rest

Punish our wicked only for the farcical sins we left beneath our stead.


Everybody wants a piece of me
Stitch me up and fix my misery
How come nobody wants of piece of me?
This schizophrenia’s got me bawling my eyes out…

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a thousand flights,

of worn-down stairs,

of hymnal bells tolling,

of careless bodies,

a forgotten memory,

no more than a mere

smudged imprint in

the edifice of a tower

overlooking everything—

and until then…nothing.


day in, day out, cycles;

in rapid gyroscopes of

existences so barely free,

almost; not freely, out of control,

spinning, revolving, rotating.

until then, those thousand flights,

once holding melting footsteps,

a clamour that praised each sunset,

and even a few reckless bodies,

now holds back ire history for them.

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Vertigo Castle

I found myself trapped in Rapunzel’s tall tower

With no long blonde hair or horseback saviour

Tiptoeing downwards now, ever so softly

As not to disturb the maddening menagerie

Spiraling several sets of sistine stairways

Trying to find out a futile impossible escape

Deeper, deeper, and down further now I will go

Down into the lofty tower built to hold inferno

Worn-down melted steps from other tired feet

That also became lost and pleaded unto defeat

Corkscrewing down into the dulled darkness

Hope and truth got dizzy from such a mess

Crumbling old walls hold me away from outside

Restrain and resign my feet, locked up till demise

But I will find a way out of this endless vertigo

If I have to fall to taste freedom, then let it be so.

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