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Straggler of the Pack

When we are gone, who will keep up the garden?
Like a mother calling her boy, I am, I am so unsafe
But she can’t do it alone
But there’s nothing stronger than her prayers
Nothing stronger than the smell of reds
My father’s reds…


The run is a false pretence thrill, and vigilant shadows chased back

Got a rotting dog’s canines stuck deep between both cramping calves

Still, their furious barks resonated from every corner of the forest gloom

Attempting to escape from a burning house, and evening came too soon


The chase was always in circles, between a mangy maw and a mangled tail

Open wounds stung from the vicious sweat, the salt will nourish only for a day

Still, rabid growls swallowed back the purple tongue which licked at the venom

The fire had long been snuffed, yet disobedient paws still prayed to be the victim.


Everyone cares, every eye
Carelessly tiptoes around you
Watching you, they’ll wear black ties
And as they applaud, I’ll count claps
Like the fig tree the master cursed
The arms that gave us life take so much more.

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getting (un)even

i feel nothing.

there is nonexistent

skin all over my

chalk-drawing bones

and i want to erase

everything and start

over again, but not

before blowing

the irksome dust

all over your

smug face


and if that’s too

mean, then i’ll gargle

ten shots of muriatic acid

while singing your

songs, and i’ll

make sure to spit it

back up in your mouth

and rinse thoroughly

so that the holes

you poked in my stomach

don’t begin to sepsis


because fuck you

for ruining me like this

go ahead and kick

another snake-charmer

off your legs—or give

in and just go to bed with it

you know you want to

and if the million

venomous bites on your

thighs don’t kill you,

i hope your conscience will.

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pink and gold

I knew she was lying
When she said, “You’re okay.”
You’re not okay, no
You’re not okay, are you?


sweetest surprises

wrapped in ribbons

and in sing-alongs

and broken wrongs

twisting my lungs

twisting like snakes

twisted apart, i am

like plaited braids


but it’s not about

the silver wrappers

or the pastel anchor

to see who’s better

tasting saccharine

tasting like venom

tasted it all, i did

like glitter in honey.

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The Decapitated Queen of La Brea and the Boy of her Nightmares (Hail, Suicide!)

I said, we’ll drown ourselves in misery tonight
White lies, you’ve worn out all your dancing shoes this time
Just give us war-worn lipstick, blood, and purifying flame
These eyes have had too much to drink again tonight
Black skies, we’ll douse ourselves in high explosive light
Just give us war-worn, I’ve been calling you all week for my shotgun!


I love your lips, and the way they bleed

Like dying throes of cold water orchids

Drive my heart like a spike in the ground

Along with the dead, it’ll be safe and sound


And the moon tears the marrow of our bones

And the teeth in our necks are razor stones

So take me to a church, and get me a doctor

The coursing venom won’t last any longer


I wear my pills on a bloodstained sleeve

If there’s a heaven waiting, I don’t believe

You hid a revolver gun on my ancient bible

Lock and load, the scripture spells out trouble


And the mark of the serpent is burning me

Nazareth is damned, call me Black Mary

Carve the tattoo for the switchblade saints

Die by the cross of the apparition’s taint


The séance under the spotlight is holding on

Bang bang! Goes the monitor, he’s fucking gone!

Emergency alert, the red lights flash and spin

This institutional madness is fucking caving in!


Horror in my decayed lungs, glass in my falling nails

Banging against the coffin door rhythmic, hail, hail!

Bathe me in the arcane fires of an everlasting hell

And pray to the hurricane rain for another dry spell


Oh baby, the sun won’t be purified by your lipgloss

But if you tried to save us, it’s a threatening cause

Beat me fucked and correct the date on my grave

Tonight we’ll be insufferable, disgusted at the nave


I’m damned and broken, the saviour of the anthem

Decimating heroes with lobotomies and brain stems

This is a wedding party, bridegroom toasting cyanide

Marry to the end of the health and your death, I lied


And if they think you’ll be holding (they thought wrong)

Pick up the signs, make up your mind (you ain’t so gorgeous now)

You may be in exile, but don’t forget to smile (shine the light)

Drop the guns and have some fun, we’re stuck here a while (shit!)


So hear me out, my divine angel, dear graceless and corpse-fair

The blood’s drying in my mourning Sunday clothes I shall never wear

But the way my hands are shaking, I will never have a clean shot

So just hold it as tight as you can, and pull the trigger with all you’ve got.


Pick up the phone! Pick up the phone, fucker
I wanna see what your insides look like
(I wanna see what your insides look like)

I bet you’re not fucking pretty on the inside (not so pretty)
I wanna see what your insides look like (not so pretty baby)
I wanna see ’em (not so)…

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A Nest of Vipers

People who get hurt

Turn over to spite

An aggravated nest

Is difficult to fight


Insults and laughter

Fangs bared to attack

Deadly as wild vipers

Hissing under a sack


A gregarious indignation

Of the innocence they spit

But the sting of the venom

Only exacerbates the guilt.

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It spread like a virus

As potent as poison

As deadly as venom

Touch contamination

It spread like plague

And hurt me like hell

But it worked a charm

Healed me like a miracle.

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