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Skin and Bone

Your deception, my disgust
When your name is finally drawn
I’ll be happy that you’re gone
Ash to ashes, dust to dust
Ash to ashes, dust to dust
Skin to bone and steel to rust…


I feel the insects and parasites

Tangled in sick writhing masses under my skin

Like the paranoia in my blood

Synthesising bone and muscle to cold creatinine

Alkaline anaemia feeding away

On a prion virus anarchy that’s imminent to stay

Distorted appendages and deliria

Cryogenic stitches sewn under lighted penumbra

Hypertensive breaths suffocating

Lacerations and abrasions numbing, intimidating

Allergic to morphine and to pain

Adhesives abuse, an acidic atrocity left to remain

Tourniquet turning my veins blue

Scourge, eviscerate my neurological impediment

Through the slits in my silky skin

Pyrexia tastes like sweet sweat fever, I’ll torment

So let my lethargy be the catalyst

Listen to the acoustic shadow echoing in my ribs

The ligatures fading to distension

Voracious maggots in my head trauma slip incision.


Let tomorrow have its way
With the promises betrayed
Skin to bone and steel to rust…

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It spread like a virus

As potent as poison

As deadly as venom

Touch contamination

It spread like plague

And hurt me like hell

But it worked a charm

Healed me like a miracle.

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Viral Infestation

I see you wish to irritate me, as some sort of childish notion

To tickle my exhausted heart with plucked flitting feathers

And to broaden the steep horizons of unjust vexation

You’re like an obnoxious toxic chemical that corrodes and weathers


Inching carefully you spread, threading through my veins

Into my brain, injecting your growing anomaly directly

A prod at my spine, grate some nerves off for pain

Wishing to break down the barriers of sheer madness and sanity


But like a system slowly building up its immunity

Or an abrasive annoyance of a pesky allergy

I could easily defend, and be immune to your silly antics

So go ahead and be a virus, for my soul is hypoallergenic.

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