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There’s too much congestion and a lack of invention
Material eyes requiring constant attention
It’s the mystery lost in a web, in the well
As the spider awakes and decides what to sell…


Implicit implications, engraved warnings writ on sewn eyelids

Next to “never forget about them” and “fuck your pleasant tidings”

Hiding every heretic’s anthem, holding the threats above our heads

Elucidate all the progenies, surrender sickness without health

Radical remembrance, wrought past ranks of liberated contrabands

Expect the imminent expiration of another revolutionary dissonance

Neorealism strikes the uncertain death of sensationalistic inhibition

Through temporal hostility, arises the final response of failed anthropocentrism.


No handle on what comes next
Anti-passion makes an empty old din
Because a fearful eye’s pulling strings for thee
Watch on, round and round and
Round it goes, human nature!

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painted remorse

it’s the guilt

of painting it

as inevitable

and a revelation,

no warnings of

its tangibility

clearing paths

for inspiration

and it’s remorse

for letting the

child touch it

despite a sign

saying otherwise

and letting the

paint stain her

fingers with lies.

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En Mémoire D’une Âme Perdue

She once lost her memories
She found it forwards and away
But as she ambled a step back
They slowly began to decay…


A faded memory

A whispery veil in the sea

In the blink of an eye

One last goodbye

She could barely see the sky

She started to defy

She knew this was her time

She didn’t want to give in

She wanted to fight her prime

She wanted to save her skin

Hours into minutes

Minutes into seconds









Minutes into hours

Seconds into minutes

Age cannot be renewed

She always knew

She could already see

She could no longer be free

She was haunted by a ghost

Before it infested its host

Her very first warning

In the blink of an eye

A pale grey moon waning

A snapshot memory.

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