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I’m a dandelion

I’ll make you wish for a laugh

I’m a venus flytrap

I’ll bite your innocent head off.

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Tissue Sketches #1: bullet holes over san francisco

Oh, cross my heart and hope to die

And for you I’ll steal the sunset sky

I wondered why on skipping stones

I’d love to unravel your corset bones

Blueberries’ kisses, as blue as the sea

So sing acoustics music softer for me

We’ll end the night with cookie cakes

And a strawberry daiquiri by the lake.

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Holidays in the Rain

There’s no place I’d rather be
Don’t give me nothing in between
Just give me sundrops in my eye
And let the rainshine light the sky…


Peering past the demesne of billowy diaphanous houndstooth curtains

Where the afternoon downpour beat reverent against the windowpanes

By the hearth, turning frailest pages of yellowing erudite equivocations

Zephyr effervescent, teasing in its conflating felicitous emancipations


Lone reverie with fraternal cassette tapes and a lazy 1975 vinyl record

Warm blueberry cheesecake confections, chocolate silk finely brewed

Conjuring evocative altruism, an ephemeral elision of whispered words

Incipiency of sumptuous inglenook, far better than any seraglio imbued


The lachrymose welkin conciliates, offing woebegone yet not inured

Adumbrate halcyon, eponymous to predilections of pluvial cynosure

I’m soothed by tranquility, satin soft singing lullaby of the rain glazed

Vestigial gossamer perfection of a perpetually fugacious summer day.


But if you don’t go out at all
You’ll never feel the rain…fall
Out in the rain, out in the sun
Out in the rain, out in the sunshine…

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We Got That Fever Catching On

There’s a fire in my head
And it’s keeping me from getting out of bed
Take the TV, take the rest
All my riches for a vision and a quest…


I’ll hold you back

If the fever strikes

But rest assured

That these nights

Shall be mellow

As softest daisy

Cease all sorrow

For rose reverie

It’s not delusion

Simply blithe air

My companions

Would be spares

Do not turn yellow

As old bibliography

For on the morrow

You have no worry

The plague passes

Medicines battled

Retreats en passé

I will be Nightingale

I can hold you back

When fever strikes

For I am your cure

And I shall go fight.


I found out, I confused desire and control
And maybe nothing’s gonna save me
I’m in too deep, I cast the mould…

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weeping willow tree

tiredness, the willow trees

outside are whispering for

quaint attention.

the night is young but i

am dosed with strychnine

and nitroglycerine

and evergreen on my lips—

and i ended up stumbling on

the porch steps and i

ended up sleeping among

the enveloping branches of that

weeping willow tree

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Panem et Circences: Act Two



Hey, you seated comfortably? Got your bag of pork rinds and/or sandwich? GREAT! I need you to sing-a-long! It’s a sing-a-long, this next song. Even if you’re in your underwear, sing loud and proud! Now, if you don’t know the lyrics, just follow the bouncing pug head! It’ll show you the way! Now uh, don’t follow the red star. That will give you the wrong lyrics, and completely ignore the chihuahua head. Just the pug, all right? Then we’re good to go! Without any further ado…









Bulbous nose, cream-smeared face

Misfit clothes, rag factory explosion

Some may laugh at me, but I’ll raise

Most are still terrified of this clown.



Chaining me up in leaden shackles

Confined in the claustrophobic box

Or in a tank of water with manacles

I will always emerge free, unlocked.



Swinging from bar to bar, ad infinity

Lithe somersets of graceful trickery

Catch me, take my hand, I will hold

Flying is fun for I know not to let go.



Amaze, enthrall, smoke and mirrors

Entering phantasmagorical horrors

A pledge, turn, prestige, I’m the face

Of illusions, I never cease to amaze.



Ultimate act of the ringmaster’s performance

Stovepipe hat tipping, welcome to the show

I’ve no oddities, yet the linchpin of the circus

Conducting exhibitions akin orchestra maestro.



Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed the show

I wish we had more, but goodbye, it’s time for us to go

We hope you gripped your seats, cheered and laughed

And most of all, our bread and entertainment filled you and got you to clap.








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Panem et Circences: Act One








Rings of fire flaring higher illuminates death defying acts

Pretty odds and ends, and recherché entertainment akin

Strangest characters of colours and remarkable knacks

So sit back and relax ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to begin…



Pull the red carpets under my feet

In your mischievous act of assault

But my dearest, I shall defy gravity

And impress you with a somersault.



I find myself in the company of lions

But they find themselves at my mercy

A crack of a whip, jaws unhinge upon

As I peer down their gullet in bravery.



Traipsing quaintly on a thin wire

A hundred feet fall underneath lies

Lest I lose balance and I fail dire

At least it gives me a chance to fly.



Strapped and spinning on a target

Sharp daggers nearly pin me down

A sinew, skin will pierce and bleed

But I won’t flinch—risk makes it fun.



Instead of swallowing the sword

And following their twisted acts

I’ll spit it out my mutilated throat

Instead and I’ll use it to fight back.







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Take a chance, take your shoes off
Dance in the rain
Yeah, we’re splashing around
And the news spread all over town…


Liquid dreams trickling on vinyl phone booths

Scarlet like cherry on our velvet sundae cone

Gauze of satin clouds swathed soft to soothe

A tepid peppermint tea that tastes like home

A demure pondering etched on a palimpsest

Calliope tintinnabulation of wind chimes sing

The Susquehanna river cascading chary west

Redolence of expensive pink perfume wafting

The vespertine serene, raven welkin starrified

Our pastiche of paradise, the cosmos taciturn

As I walk to descend the orbit, by the riparian tide

My bunbury maiden bides, anticipating my return.


You remind me of a few of my famous friends
Well that all depends on what you qualify as friends…

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Hast du etwas Zeit für mich
Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich
Von ninety-nine Luftballon
Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont…


This night persists to rest

Obscured and obsolescent

Wishes not to disturb, lest

It allay tantrum firmament

My rubious balloon tribute

A floating helium dalliance

Soft kisses of my cynosure

For our dulcet forbearance

May be a fugacious felicity

Of my vestigial woebegone

Yet embrace my propinquity

From that cherry red balloon.

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Thés Dansants: A Melody in Three Parts


Dès le premier jour
Ton parfum enivre mon amour
Et dans ces instants
J’aimerais être comme toi par moment
Mais depuis ce jour
Je n’ai qu’un seul et unique regret…


ACT I: Pas de bourrés

The drag melody

Keeps you on your toes

Allegorical prosody

By any other rhose

Would smell just as sweet

Yet a tincture of faux

Would it render oblique

That of je viens de deux

Golden memories

Spiel of prismatic oddities

Interconnected destinies

Wizened by enmities

Silver undertones

Faltering in liquid chasms

Moments of cut stone

Curious invocation broken

An obstinate fate betwixt

Not by aldermen told

Yet by slurry of nouvelle lips

A nostrum ancient old


ACT II: Pas de chat

A flourishing song

A present day furlough

Where you belong

A miasmatic yellow

In the field of maidens

Circling in the sun

Merry most brethren

Searching for the one

Cobwebs in the belfry

Bats in the mantelpiece

Pears on a willow tree

Ripest with surcease

An inlaid box bijouterie

Treasure trove buried

Overflow with jewellery

Ring fingers all heavy

Your silken chemise

A shade of firestorm

Befalling your demise

Recrudescence born


ACT III: Pas de trois

That senseless tune

You whistle thoughtlessly

Deigning for the moon

Trip the light fantastically

This trifecta histrionic

Amble conjectural steps

Quick traipsing hysteric

Laugh until they wept

The evensongs with tides

In a nest of evergreen

That axiom heart abides

In rudimentary maudlin

Acquiescence spectrums

Apertures I shall pay

Yet locked into a quantum

Lost by coins of lwei

Grandiloquences no longer

A harmonium rectory

And end the night’s wonder

With a drag melody.


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