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Synthetic Love

I want to hurt you, I don’t deserve you
Unlace your body, I want total control
Like maggots from the host, you drain, I decompose
Swallow your faith, submit and fuck until we overdose…


And it’s the kind of love

That makes me slit my wrists

Just so I can prove to you

What you might dare to miss

And if the sunlight dares touch

Your skin, I’ll burn it all out

Darling, you’re simply too much

To satisfy my hunger and doubts

Anyone who speaks your name

Will find themselves maimed

And I’ll burn down all the towns

Of the bastards that left you to drown

Let me taste your writhing agony

Let me hear you scream for me

Let me chase for you with a gun

but I won’t ever hurt you, it’s all for fun

And I’ll slowly pluck off my fingers

To count the days we spent together

Whether you love me or you love me not

We’ll both still be stuck here forever

But it’s the kind of love that makes me

Bleed my heart and slit my wrists

Because I know the reality of you and I

Dear, it will never fucking exist.


We said this was “the last time” over and over again
(Blind eyes) The closer I get is the further I feel
(Hands tied) And I’m losing my grip on remembering what’s real
‘Cause our synthetic love is all that we know
My head is a mess, and it’s going to explode…

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Valentines: Valentines Post #2

V-aliantly I stride forward, holding a sharp glinting knife

A-nd begin to hack away at the useless people, beaming with pride

L-ove, murder, and blood are the only things on my mind

E-xterminate and remove, those who interfere

N-o one can stop me now, everyone cowers in fear

T-ruly, this must show my love for you

I-t also shows how much I’ll do just for you too

N-evertheless, I shed some pretty crimson blood

E-xecute some worthless people, let the corpses flood

S-laying, killing, murdering, just to say happy valentines, my love.

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Inseparable : Valentines Post #1

(Quick note: A yandere is a person that will kill for love. Literally. She will kill anyone, or anything, just to get her love. Sometimes she even kills the very person she loves.)


I-t’s only me and you in here

N-ow we’re finally alone, so do not fear

S-uffering, the people who tried to separate us

E-radicated, those who got in our way

P-lay along, don’t worry, don’t cause such a fuss

A- knife in hand, I’ll protect you forever, starting today

R-est now, ignore the cold unmoving bodies all around

A-nd the screams and whimpers and crying that resound

B-e happy, for we two are inseparable now and forever

L-ove, murder, and revenge is stronger than anyone

E-njoy, have fun, good luck, love, your little yandere-chan.

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