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So Slowly…

(This poem is based off true events. And I’m sure some of you can relate.)


Just 8 more minutes…

8 more minutes of silent enduring

8 more minutes before the saving bell rings

8 more minutes of clicking my pen

8 more minutes of pretending to listen


I glance at the watch, 5 more minutes

5 more minutes of silently counting down

Slumping at the desk, I’m glued to my seat

And thought “Just 5 more minutes of simply looking around.”


So slowly…time goes so slowly

Watch as the hand of the clock ticks by

Like a slow motion part in a movie

Until I give up in desperation and sigh


All I could do is stare like a zombie at the board

By the way I look, I am obviously bored

Slowly…so slowly until I’m braindead from boredom

Counting the seconds till I’m free from this endless momentum


Just a few more minutes, and I’m twitching with happiness

Cleaning up the desk, and shoving the stuff in my bag

Zipping my bag up, which is now a huge mess

Then looking up to the watch, and barely 20 seconds have passed

Groooan, why is my life so lagged?


Just a little more before I regain my power

But the minutes seemed to turn into hours

Slowly…why does time go so slowly?

How many eons more before I’m set free?


Less than a minute, and I’m screaming silently in endless joy

All the adrenaline in my body suddenly seemed to deploy

I snap my head up and straightened my back a bit

Giddy as a mouse, I could barely contain myself in my seat


5, any second now, just any second

4, So close, I’m so clooose…

3, Time is getting slower and slower, I reckon

2, Beaming with joy, I waited excitedly with bated breath

1, the world seemed to freeze at that fateful moment…




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Color Me

(Took a break from the depressing dark stuff~)


Like the sparkling blue water in oceans and seabeds

Like the blood flowing inside us, richly red

Like the chartreuse leaves, rustling in the wind

Like the bright yellow flowers, dancing by our skins


Fill me with your continuum of colors

Make me one and fuse me with the others

Paint my life with your colorful palette

With tones of red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and violet


Like the soft brown soil beneath our feet

Like the fierce orange sun, blazing with heat

Like the mysterious night skies, dashed with black and purple

Like the peach colored sky at day, looking pretty and cool


Splash my dull life with all the hues and shades

Make all the gray, black, and white fade

I live most of my life with monochrome and bore

Yet I still manage to add a dash of color.

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Twisted Nursery Rhymes pt. 1

(A little something I’ve been working on during the holidays. Part 2 comes out soon. Creating twisted versions of nursery rhymes on a Christmas? Pffft. Why the heck not?)


Hush-a-bye baby, on the treetop

Your uncaring mother left you there to rot

When the storm starts, your cradle will fall

And you will be broken, head, bones, and all.


Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Giving us light from afar

But nobody knows the whole truth

That you are dead when your light reaches earth

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Lying to us from the start.


It’s raining, it’s pouring

The old man is snoring

He bumped his head, it bled and bled

And he was dead in the morning.


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty got pushed and fell

All the best surgeons and funeral men

Couldn’t put his mangled body together again.


Little Miss Muffet

Sat on a tuffet

Stuffing herself with pie

But then came the baker

Who punched and beat and whipped her

Because she stole the pie from their store.


Note: Yeaaaah, I have a…vivid mind. Which is a nicer term for psychopathic.)

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A Special Place

(A poem with a really sick twist. Sorry if it’s not really clear. But I digress. On with the poem~)


The rustling and dancing of the leaves

Sways with our movements

As we clamber up the White Mountain

To wash away our remorse and pain


We see where the weird, grayish mountain stands

With its white, strange-looking sticks and stones

And we all run towards it, hand in hand

To the place we call our own


All our problems disappear in that simple place

We dance with the movement of the winds

As it cuts through our skins

We play catch, hide and seek, and chase

With no one to tell us what to do

We are free, we can be true

We chase along the pale, cracked stones

We run and run, knowing we’re not alone

And we finally come down the red-stained path

Tired and dirty, but happy, we all laugh


A few years later, the place was finally forgotten

We grew up, and had our own lives then

The years passed by, and the white mountain crumbled

Back to where it came from

Then our special place was finally gone


I had asked my mother about it

And she responded rather slow

She sighed, pursed her lips, and told me what she knows

I wasn’t expecting that much about it

But all her revelations shocked my whole soul


“That wasn’t actually a mountain.” She said

But we didn’t want you to know

That the special place you were playing on

Were actually bones of the dead.”

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Your bright and vivid color is sure to catch our eyes

Your audacious hues, your bold tones, you overflow with surprise

Your candescent shades, your glowing casts, your greatly lustrous colors

You are surely standing out above among the others

Dye me scarlet, stain me crimson, bepaint me with redness

Like the flagrant color of the sky, scarlet-tinted as the sun sets

Tinge me maroon, splash me with auburn, color me carmine

Like the blood that flows in our hearts

That keeps us alive and fine.

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The voices told me to do it
They said it would make me well
The voices urged me, I wouldn’t regret
It was the only hope, I could tell

The voices told me it was the cure
To all the pain and hurt I feel
The voices sounded really sure
It would remove the anger and hate, for real

The voices were so persistent
The voices were getting louder
The voices told me to stop being resistant
The voices were sounding madder

The voices were getting annoying
The voices just won’t stop
The voices tempted me into believing
The voices made me had enough

So I did as the voices told me to
And grabbed the sharpest knife
I was mindless, I had no clue
The voices encouraged me, saying “It’s good for you!”
So I ended my life

The voices did it.

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