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Café Au Lait

The light shiver you send down my spine

With my every dainty sip

The gradual warmth that percolates on mine

Along my resting soul it nips


Like tasting a drop of the midnight skies

Stirred with the soft smoke of the milky way

Sugar stars attract taste buds as it veers and flies

Brewed umber potion constitutes my day


The elements colliding into perfection and quintessence

Sucking me into a black hole of sweetness and indulgence

But I still like that little bitter aftertaste left on my tongue

Like the farewell kiss of a dark angel, as it sings its last dulcet song.

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Late Night Calls

Tapping and clacking, the slack keyboard resounds

Symphonies of yawning and creaky bones passed around

Rustling shambolic papers and the phone bellows a hearty ring

On the other side of the twisted cord, impatient voices sting

In the dead of the night, and work yet to be done right

One last late call before the rays of sunlight wave us goodnight.

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Pomp and Circumstance


Clothe me in soft laces of golden honey

Spun from a weave of senseless lies

With high heeled shoes and face painted so sunny

Ain’t it fun to dress me up and watch me die.


Celebrations of glitz and glamour

A room of glittering gold and sparkling silver

Attended, by no other than sombre clowns and masked harlots

Pretending to shine brightly when they’ve already rusted a lot.


She’s lovely, pretty, her dress was so breezy

The expression on her face displays that life is easy

He’s a gentleman, a handsome one, his face shows nothing but fun

They get adored by everyone but who genuinely cares about them? No one.


Abstract concepts of presumptuous formality

Painted with ballgowns, top hats, riches, and exterior beauty

What is that painting though, but an example of human crime

Of another blank canvas ruined with the wrong ideas overtime?


I’m gorgeous, mystical, prettier than shades of pink

I’m Gomorrah, maledicted, uglier that one might think

I’m perfection, elegance, radiant to society’s eyes

After all, they’re the one who dressed me up, so I say, bring on the lies.


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Solitary Confinement

You keep wishing for loneliness, envious of my situation

Craving for solitary confinement, like it’s such a reasonable notion

While I sit idling away as I whittle the peeling paint on the wall

Desperate for human contact, voices in my head taking the fall

Such a special little snowflake, wanting to be left to your own

Never truly knowing how painful it is to be completely alone.

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Windup Human

But if all we are is just machines
Then let’s become a miracle and break free from these chains
We must be more than just machines
So let them hear our hearts…


I’m not your snivelling, spineless, stiff lackey

Nor am I some shambling, rotten clichéd zombie

I’m not a mindless, tipsy-topsy inebriate

Nor a foolish dupe that can’t even think straight


But despite all this, I’m still treated like a clockwork automaton

Who can be simply controlled with levers and the push of a button

Forcing me to do all your bidding, using my body against my will

I’ve tried to say no, but these efforts and protests are to no avail


In your empty eyes, I’m just another one of your windup soldiers

And the only thing programmed into my brain is “Obey first, questions later”

But I know I have my own soul and conscience that dictates my emotions

Clearly though, of all those traits, you heartless people have none.

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Angel of the Lord, you declared you’ll protect me

Banishing sigil etched on your chest, boldly sending yourself unto purgatory

I might have temporarily lost your faith, but you invigorated my sensibility

When you told me that I’m not the burnt and broken shell of a man that you believed me to be.


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Aidez En Clair

Let me sleep soundly tonight

So the nightmares I can help you fight

I’ll listen very thoroughly

So don’t you dare go mute on me

I’m not in any position to talk

So help me understand your shock

I’m here with tape and glue and such

So don’t you go and fall out of touch

The tears make their endless appearance

But don’t you worry, they’re just reassurance

That every part of you is still human

So don’t you succumb easily and make a stand

I sound condescending, but I wish to help in any ways

So don’t you shut that door in my face

I’ll miss you most when you leave, honestly

So please, don’t you go die on me.

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Gingerbread Heart

Gingerbread man, gingerbread man

Running, running away as fast as your little legs can

Gingerbread man, why must you be in such a hurry?

Is it because you broke my heart like it’s a crumbling cookie?

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Observatio Ad Interim

It pains me to play along and pretend that I’m still a part of your company

And it isn’t your fault, I was just being a despondent miserable whelp, honestly

But despite this stinging truth, the fact that I’m merely an unwanted extension

I disgust myself the most because I still enjoy this piteous kind of attention.

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Ponderings and Preludes



Roared and rampaged

With sharp claws they yield

Monsters can’t be caged

But they could be killed.



You’re not perfection

That may as well be

But know that I love you

Despite every folly.



Strangers are scary

You don’t know their thoughts inside

But friends horrify me greatly

Because they know what I hide.



Silence in the library

Words spoken in ebony ink

The only things ever so noisy

Are imaginations that think.



You fuel my adrenaline

Every intersection I pass

Til I get stranded somewhere unseen

Because I ran out of gas.


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