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Playing Dirty

In this game I tried to play fair, to get what I want right

But as soon as you shed your crocodile tears, you stuck in her sight

You sucked up and overreacted, to win her gullible mind with your act

Played dirty, got blood on your hands, fooled her with fake facts

You acted oh-so clandestine, you lured her into your inescapable trap

Made her believe that you were a harmless, innocent load of crap!

So when I thought up of a way to make all punishment equal

She easily disagreed, pushed you aside, and let me take the fall

I immediately retaliated, but still, I stuck to what was fair and honest

But your sickeningly-sweet words had brainwashed her to take your side

“She was first, she is right, you’re being such a pest

Let her have all the treats, I know she wouldn’t have lied!”

It’s too late, she’s too far gone, indulged in your disgusting promises

And no more words no things I could say could pull her out of this mess

You’ve already made your move, cheated, defended your precious king

Checkmate, I’m done, I’ve lost, you tipped over my own king to win

And now you control her with strings, like a lost puppet with broken links

…Or so you think.

You really think I’d let you get your own crown and castle this easily?

Let you hold forever the sweet and amazing taste of victory?

You were wrong; I’ve thought and planned and tried and tested it all

Let a few couple of useless pawns get sacrificed and fall

Because I know that soon, your overconfidence will lead to your downfall and ruin

You want to play dirty? I’ll play dirtier, so be it, then

Let’s just wait and see who will finally win…

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Realistic Fakery

I smile and cheer, but inside I’m actually frowning

I laugh, I grin, but internally I’m crying

I’m friendly, I’m social, but I want to be on my own

I have some friends, my family, but I always feel so alone


I’m active and bubbly, but also feeling utterly lousy

I’m climbing up the ladder, but still drowning, going under

I’m healed, I’m bandaged, but I’m still severely bleeding

I look so well and alive, but I’m already dying


I might look like this, but actually I’m not

I may seem cool and composed, but I’m already starting to rot

I am happy, cheerful, but my endless guilt makes me sad

Things might seem to go all good, but it’s already going bad


I’m so happy, so jubilant, while my soul slides down to depressed

I’m fixed, all patched up, but there are parts still all messed

I’m confident, fearless, but so very shy and shamed

I’m painless, numbed down, but still filled with infinite pain


I’ve been deceiving for so long, hiding under a mask of lies

Trickery, manipulation, muffling out my own tears and cries

But I fear that one day the boundaries shatter inside of me

And I’ll be stuck forever, miming in realistic fakery.

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Failed Fairy Tale: Cindy Ella

Once upon a time…

Cindy Ella waited all her life for a prince to come by

“He’s handsome, he’s brave, such a wonderful guy!”

Her sisters merely laughed at her and her brothers rolled their eyes

And her parents kept shooting her looks of concern and surprise

But despite all those reactions, Cindy Ella still kept waiting

Everyday, she hopefully stared at the window, softly singing

Waiting for that one day when a handsome man taps on that glass

And save her from her boring life, get married, and live happily ever after as time passed

But alas! Such a surprise, the dreamt prince never came by

And oh Cindy, poor Cindy, realized that and started to cry

Her fantasies were shattered and her wanted illusions were a lie

And Cindy Ella, so disgraced and utterly shamed, already wanted to die

So with her paradise gone, her brain snapped and her sanity decreased

And her heart turned stone cold, her inner demons were unleashed

So Cindy, now changed, went out with a knife in hand and a big desire to slay

As screams rang out in he house and bright red painted the walls that were once a dull gray

She first killed her family, who once scorned her fairy tale

“Perhaps, if they’d believed a little more, then my dream wouldn’t fail!”

But unsatisfied, Cindy Ella wiped her messy knife and left the now-empty house

And smiling devilishly, she turned the once-peaceful town into discord as madness arose


As Cindy Ella cut off the screams of her final victim with a swift slash

Suddenly, a noble handsome prince all decked in gold, arrived in a flash

“Cindy Ella! Oh dear Cindy, I’m sorry to have come so utterly late

Please cease this chaos and madness, you do not have to meet this fate!”

His perfectly chiseled jaws spoke oh-so delicately and so nice

And he gazed upon Cindy Ella with his charming blue eyes

With grace, the prince took out a pair of gleaming glass shoes, and flashed a smile

The ten-karat  grin radiating brightness on the dismal land for over a mile

This was what Cindy Ella had always wanted, what she waited for day and age

But now, a psychopathic Cindy Ella no longer cared, her bloodshot eyes flashing with rage

Her hand instantly swung so forcefully, and as glass shattered on the floor, she laughed wildly instead

As the once-perfect and amazing prince fell off his panicked horse without his head

But in the end, Cindy was finally caught and was charged with murder, degree one

And, convicted and sentenced to die in the electric chair, Cindy Ella’s failed fairy tale was at last finally done.

…And justice lived happily ever after!

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