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Clockwork Seizure

“I can feel my nerves clicking like…roller coaster cogs, pulling up to the inevitable long plunge.” ~Will Graham


Something is wrong inside of you.

Very wrong.

You’ve never noticed it before.

But your minute engines seem to be s-t-u-t-t-e-r-i-n-g along

The gears /stop/ grinding altogether

The parts fall off like a rotten tooth.

And your mind suddenly snaps;

Into a m i l l i o n f e t t e r e d p i e c e s

Snap, crackle, pop.

Shatters silently, leaves no traces

The room around you, you find

Seems to get closer, closer

Pressing against your thoughts

Against your claustrophobic mind

And you can hear the walls



Beckoning you with ~calls~


P o u n d i n g  h a r d e r

Gales growing stronger

Fire tornadoes, heart burner

Manipulation and deceit

The universe ever so conceit

The working, ticking clock in the room

Further mocks your whim

Tick. Tick. Tock.

Mad laughter is besmirched in the very air

The metallic smell. The barging pounds.

Getting harder. Faster. Closer.

Until it rips into the walls of your brain.

The awful headache is highly unbearable

Aspirins refuse to dissolve the pain.

Is there anything to do but give in?

The provenance never mattered anymore

The cause is lost and gone too far

All that remains are clockwork metal

Tapping slowly on the concrete ground

Screws, bolts, nuts, cogs rolling away

And the numbers and hands seem to slowly decay

And all smudge together and float around

Before rusting and fading away behind

Along with your wispy broken mind.

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When the world is too dark to properly take in

And the unsightly events just bore me

When everything is bleak and tainted with sin

And there isn’t a single beautiful sight to see

I simply look up into the onyx night skies above me

And bask in all of its heavenly elysian glory

For no matter how many times I keep on staring

The sparkling specks of mysterious lights will never get boring.

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La Luna Amore (Moonstruck)

Hey moon, please forget to fall down

Hey moon, don’t you go down…


Won’t you meet me under the light of the full moon?

The twinkling, crying stars are dying to extinguish soon

The brazen sun is too harsh, it blazes too furiously

But the pale moonlight illuminates our souls, so bare your heart to me


Won’t you sit next to me on the fabled foreign sands?

Let’s watch the silver fluid diamonds endlessly crash

Scintillating, shimmering, between both sea and land

The ripples on the water like the way our life will clash


Won’t you go outside, where the cool wind blows?

And let’s have a tête a tête, trade secrets, quid pro quo

Whispering, laughing in hushed tones, all to ourselves

Sharing our hidden wishes and desires to the susurrus air


Won’t you go and reach out to outer space for me?

The lunar cycle is not on our side, unfortunately

The glinting moon will eventually stutter and change a different phase back

As my coruscating form gradually fades away, returning to black


Won’t you wait under the moon for me, my love?

We are destined to be together, though celestial bodies apart

The full moon and I shall shine radiant once again

But for now, you and I will just have to wait patiently, my darling…

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Prisoners of War

The war raged on, the world roared against

The endless screams and sussurus chants become utterly hellbent

Nuclear animosities fell, metal clashing with metal endlessly

Children manufactured as toy soldiers for this apocalyptic society

Bright crimson painted the skies, thick gunpowder filled the air

Fight or flight, defy or die, you’d be an idiot to be scared

But no one realised that they were all idiots of the war

For there is only one earth, one planet, one side they were all fighting for.

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Monday Melancholia

Where is your head?
Where is your head?
Stuck in some dream
Where no one is listening…



Take me away from the anarchy of my mind

Leave all sanity and atrophy behind

Release me from the sirens that drown my ears

Cease the riveting flow of my crystalline tears

And pray keep that toxic black potion out of my reach

I implore, set me free and let my tired heart sleep.



Weary, despair, trudge, toil, and slave

Negative words that relate to desperation

But it’s funny and quite sad how many people state

That it’s also synonymous to education.



The vision of my eyes seems to be faulty

Replacing the clear filter with shades of blue

Perhaps that’s why when I wake up I always see

That I’m always filled with gloom.


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Life goes on.

The sun is always set to rise

As the moon returns the tide

The earth rotates, the stars will glow

The weather changes, rain or snow

Animals play, birds sing their songs

Humanity progresses; life goes on.

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Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween…



Ghosts and phantoms of all sizes haunted the dark streets

Monsters and wraiths, terrible creatures in different feats

But as she stared blankly outside the window, sitting in her bed

She realised that the monsters she was scared of most resided in her head.



They adorn their colourful masks and hide their pale sunken faces

Place bedazzling costumes upon costumes to avoid strange gazes

The entities, every night they play, dressing up as normal humans

Pretending to be normal and hiding their true forms as horrid demons.



Once-warm bodies will soon rot and decay

And bitter ashes can scatter, filling the air with a sickly grey

An insipid blotchy photograph’s all there is to stay

A lonely reminiscent of another fugacious life faded away.



Flicker, flicker, flicker, off the lighted candles go

Unsteady flames wobbling, gradually they grow

Solemn prayers passed around like a paper and pen

Lost souls pray for themselves; cold, saturnine, forgotten.



Knocking on the door and chanting “Trick or treat!”

Children smile and eagerly await their free delicious sweets

Tooth-tingling candies to beguile the innocent outright

From the true monsters and devils lurking that very night

With their own personal bags they roam, looking for their free treats

And what that might be? Young children. With fresh tender meat.


This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night
This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbours die of fright…

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